I would like to work for Coffee Lounge, but can’t see a suitable role. What should I do?

We’re growing, and new opportunities do become available all the time, so stay in touch and check again in a few weeks. We are always on the lookout for good people.

Do you offer a loyalty card?

Yes, we do. You’ll receive a stamp for each handmade drink that’s prepared by your Barista – such as coffee, iced drink, hot chocolate (it doesn’t include things like water or orange juice). When you collect nine stamps, your next handmade drink will be on us. You can choose any size, so go big!

Do you have free wifi?

Yes!  Our wifi is free for all of our coffee lovers to use, and the password will be printed on the bottom of your receipt.

Do you have any vegetarian/vegan options?

Yes! We have both almond and soy milk available for dairy alternatives, and we have many vegan foods available at the counter.

There are quite a few items on the menu that are fantastic vegetarian and vegan options:

Pies, Pastries, 4 Cheese Pasta, Macaroni & Cheese, Soup, Eggs, Croissants, Scones, Toast, Baguettes, Paninis, Jacket Potatoes, Salads

For our full menu listing, visit our Menu page.